Evolving Technologies

MicroSec has a knack for security-of-things that empowers governments and organizations to protect their devices and infrastructures against malicious and unpredictable cyber attacks. Our leading-edge enterprise-grade security IoT platform has been deployed in smart cities, automobiles, smart homes, to name a few.


Modern cars are smart and equipped with computers to monitor and control nearly every system of the vehicles, including steering, brakes, and the engine itself. Hackers can steal data or even take control of the vehicle if the computer systems are not properly protected. This makes automotive cybersecurity a major concern for vehicle owners, auto companies, and OEMs alike.

Smart City Infrastructures

A smart nation involves the use of sensors and IoT networks to monitor and simplify the lives of its residents. Without securing these systems, potential attacks could overturn individual privacy.

Industry 4.0

The revolution in mass production has skyrocketed the automated industrial devices into broader surfaces for cyberattacks, which may halt smart manufacturing and industrial operations. Fortifying IIoT systems against cyber threats is essential to powering the economic engine of the future.