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A company specializing in IoT security

We focus on bringing enterprise grade security to IoT and embedded systems through highly optimized tools available across a variety of embedded processors.

The problem

IoT devices are becoming increasingly prevalent in the world today, being deployed in uncontrolled, complex and often hostile environments. Unlike other electronic devices, IoT and embedded systems are highly computationally constrained, which makes implementing good security on these devices hard.

At MicroSec, we provide rugged, compact and bulletproof security solutions for such systems, with support for a wide range of processor types.

Our technologies

we create world-class tools and security solutions so you never have to worry about your infrastructure again
micropki dashboard screenshot


MicroPKI is the world's first enterprise grade security software that delivers Public Key Infrastructure(PKI) for IoT and embedded systems. Coupled with a intuitive web-based dashboard, MicroPKI allows security teams to monitor and manage their device keys without hassle.

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Using machine learning to detect network and device abnormalties, the Intrusion Detection System(IDS) automates detection of possible attacks. By implementing this in resource constrained embedded systems, the liklihood of a successful attack can be reduced significantly.


Partner with us

work with us and help us solve some of the most pressing problems in in the cybersecurity industry today

Certificate authorities

We can help you to tailor your services to be appropriate for the low bandwidth, memory and processing capabilities of IoT devices.

OEM manufacturers

We provide integration for your IoT devices that allows your customers and partners to implement their IoT systems at scale while adhering to security best practices.

IoT solution providers

We provide a way for you to ensure that your IoT solutions are always secure and end to end encrypted, keeping you and your customers safe from attacks.




Sensors and systems are often deployed in energy infrastructure, and used to monitor overall system status. It is critical to secure these vital systems that keep electricity running to our homes.

Smart cities

A smart nation involves the use of sensors and IoT networks to monitor and simplify the lives of its residents. Without securing these systems, potential attacks could overturn individual privacy.

Oil and gas

The oil and gas industries use sensor networks to ensure safety and efficiency on oil wells, tankers, pumps and mining equipment. Lack of security on such systems compromises the safety of its workers.


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